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JavaScript is one of the most important and widely used programming languages for developers. An experienced JavaScript developer is highly sought after in the world of programming. In order to be hired by a company, you will have to demonstrate your abilities during the interview process.

AskJavaScript offers a holistic approach for every developer through programming interview questions and answers samples. The JavaScript basics will answer "what is javascript", through entry leveled JavaScript examples. The Fundamentals portion will showcase more JavaScript syntax, introduce object oriented JavaScript, as well as jquery interview questions. While the advanced level questions will teach you more detailed object oriented programming, prototypal inheritance and functional programming.

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JavaScript Basics - click to learn.

These series of questions will focus on users becoming familiar with JavaScripts basics: commonly used JavaScript functions, different types of functions, and other everyday basics that you would use when programming.
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JavaScript Fundamentals - click to learn.

JavaScript Fundamentals are a neccesary asset to every developer. You will learn the most common errors that intermediate developers face. In addition to this, you will also be asked a series of jquery interview questions.
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Advanced JavaScript - click to learn.

Moving your JavaScript skillset to the next level isn't possible without knowing OOP and Functional programming. These questions will you help better understand these paradigms.