How to Fix ReferenceError: fetch is not defined in Node.js

How to Fix ReferenceError - fetch is not defined in Node.js

ReferenceError: fetch is not defined error occurs when trying to “use the fetch() function in a Node.js environment, but fetch is not natively available in Node.js.” In browsers, the fetch API provides a simple way to make network requests. But in Node.js, it is not available. Reproduce the error const fetch = require(‘node-fetch’); fetch(‘’) .then(response … Read more

How to Fix error: cannot find module ‘express’

How to Fix error - cannot find module 'express'

The error: cannot find module ‘express’ occurs when the “Express.js module is not installed in your project, or there’s an issue with your node_modules directory.” How to fix the error The easiest way to fix the error is to install express in your project using this command: npm install express –save. This command will install Express … Read more

How to Fix nodemon clean exit – waiting for changes before restart

The nodemon clean exit – waiting for changes before restart message suggests that “nodemon has detected that your Node.js application has stopped without errors.” It is now in a waiting state, monitoring your files for any changes. It will restart your application once it detects a change in any of the monitored files. Nodemon is … Read more

How to Fix Webpack: Conflicting values for ‘process.env.NODE_ENV’

How to Fix Webpack - Conflicting values for ‘process.env.NODE_ENV’

Webpack: Conflicting values for ‘process.env.NODE_ENV’ error occurs when you “configure DefinePlugin incorrectly or try to reassign process.env.NODE_ENV when instantiating the plugin.” DefinePlugin allows you to define global constants that can be configured at compile time. It is specifically helpful for having development-only code or API endpoints based on the build environment. Reproduce the error const … Read more

How to Read a File Line By Line in Node.js

Here are three ways to read a file line by line in Node.js. Using readline Using line-reader Using n-readlines For this tutorial, we will read the data.txt file line by line, which is in the root of my project folder. J Robert Oppenheimer and Albert Einstien hello world Jawaan Nun 2 Method 1: Using readline … Read more