JavaScript let vs var: Complete Guide

JavaScript let vs var - Complete Guide

The let and var, both keywords are used to declare a variable in JavaScript. So now the question arrives what the difference between them is. So before the ES6 release, JavaScript only had the “var” keyword to declare variables.  JavaScript let vs var The main difference between let vs var in JavaScript is that the let … Read more

JavaScript vs TypeScript: Difference in 2022

JavaScript vs TypeScript - Difference in 2022

Programmers often have to use different types of technologies to build websites. For example, JavaScript is a very flexible and portable language that can be used in the case of backend and front-end frameworks. Later another technology called TypeScript was developed. JavaScript is a multi-paradigm and a dynamic programming language, whereas TypeScript is a static … Read more

JavaScript setTimeout() Function: Complete Guide

JavaScript setTimeout() Function - Complete Guide

JavaScript setTimeout() is a built-in function that calls a function after several milliseconds. The setTimeout() function waits for the given time and executes the function again and again. This article is all about learning the JavaScript setTimeout() function. The setTimeout() function works almost like the setInterval() function. Syntax setTimeout(func, delay in millisecond); Parameters This function … Read more

How to Escape Special Characters in JavaScript

How to Escape Special Characters in JavaScript

To escape special characters in JavaScript, use the encodeURIComponent() method. The encodeURIComponent() is a built-in JavaScript function that encodes a URI by replacing each instance of certain characters with one, two, three, or four escape sequences representing the UTF-8 encoding of the character. Syntax encodeURIComponent(uriComponent); Parameters uri – We can pass any data types like … Read more

How to Remove First Character from String in Javascript

How to Remove First Character from String in Javascript

To remove the first character from the string in JavaScript, use the slice() method. The string.slice() is a built-in JavaScript method that extracts a part of a string. The slice() method returns the extracted part in a new string. The slice() method does not change the original string. Syntax string.slice(startIndex, endIndex); Parameters start index –  It is … Read more